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Quick Starts

Welcome to the MEF Quick Starts! Quick Starts are short articles and videos to help tackle common MEF scenarios. Each Quick Start is an independent entry that covers a specific item, and may include a short, easy-to-read article along with a short video demo.
  • Introduction to the Managed Extensibility Framework
  • Hello, MEF
    • Hello, MEF (Silverlight)
  • Understanding Parts (Exports, Imports, and Contracts)
  • Lifetime Management
  • ImportMany
  • AllowDefault
  • Working with Catalogs and Recomposition
    • DeploymentCatalog (Silverlight)
  • Containers
  • Composition
    • CompositionInitializer
  • Metadata
  • Lazy<T> and Lazy<T,TMetadata>
  • ExportFactory
  • Debugging and Diagnostics
  • Glossary of Terms

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